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Find It Hard To Cut Down?
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Porn is everywhere – and its super easy to find yourself watching tons more of it than you want to. If porn’s taking up heaps of your headspace and you want to cut down but can’t – you’re in the right place. It’s awesome you’re thinking about things and that you’re keen to change it up 👍 Kia Kaha.

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Self Help Tabs Tool

Here’s some questions and our self help tool to get you going…


    If you’re worried about your porn habits – try asking yourself…

    How long can I go without porn?
    How would I feel if I can’t access porn anymore?
    When I’m not watching porn, am I thinking about it a lot?
    Can I masturbate without porn?

    If you’re worried, check out the PPCS tool or head over to our NEED HELP section for more support. If you don’t think it’s a big problem, but just want to keep tabs on it, keep reading…

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  • T – Talk

    Feeling ashamed, guilty or bad about yourself when you’re struggling with porn is really normal. It can be worse if you think your whānau would be upset, or if porn is a no-go in your culture, community or faith.

    These are crappy feelings to live with – so talking with a mate or adult you trust can really help. It feels risky, but it’s so worth it. If you want to talk to an adult, but think they’ll freak out, CLICK HERE or contact the pros at Safe to Talk.

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  • A – Access

    It sounds simple but ditching your phone or laptop at night and leaving it out of your room can help heaps with keeping your usage down. You could also get a filter on your device here that’ll make it harder to get onto porn sites.

    It’s like putting a fence up. Sure, you can get past it, but it’ll make you stop and think.

    Up next: B - Brain...
  • B - Brain

    Lots of things can ‘trigger’ your habits. Think about why, when, and how you use porn. Does it help you cope with stress? Boredom? Or do you watch it when you’re scrolling Insta just before bed?

    Make a mental note of why and when you’re watching and then try and change it up. Go for a run, grab some food, do 20 push-ups, read a book, or even just call a mate instead and see what happens.

    Up next: S - Success...
  • S - Success

    Changing your porn habit is a process. It’d be nice if you could wake up and never think about porn again, but that isn’t success.

    Success is about taking one step at a time – like choosing to go for a run or call a mate when you feel stressed and want to jump into some porn. It’s about putting one foot in front of the other, taking it day by day, and being brave.

    There are some other tools to help you HERE to change things up for the best. Kia Kaha, you’ve got this.

    Need more help? Checkout TALK/TEXT or talk to the pros.

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Talking with a trusted mate or adult can really help. It might feel awkward at first – but it’s so worth it.

self-help online tools

Here’s some great online tools that can help while you work this one out…

  • Problematic Porn Consumption Scale (PPCS)

    PPCS is a quick self-check quiz you can do online, to check out how much porn may be affecting your relationships or day-to-day life. It’s not a strict rule but can be a useful tool.

    Up next: Fortify...
  • Fortify

    Fortify is one of the most popular apps used for compulsive porn use and offers daily tracking functions, discussion forums, journaling and mindfulness activities. It has a platform designed for teens with age-appropriate activities and language.

    Age: Teens and adults programmes
    Cost: Free or Monthly Plan ($10 USD monthly or $60 per year)  

    Google Play

    Up next: Brainbuddy...
  • Brainbuddy

    Brainbuddy is a slightly more simple and older app focused on rewiring the brain through mindfulness exercises, games, meditation, lifestyle changes and understanding triggers. It offers progress tracking, online support forums, and filtering options. It has a strong addiction focus and offers support for people who believe they have a masturbation addiction. Some of the language used has an anti-porn focus, which may not be helpful for some users.  

    Ages 12+
    Cost: 7-day free trial, $15 per month, cancel anytime.

    Google Play

    Up next: The NakedTruth...
  • The NakedTruth

    Naked Truth provide 8 week ‘recovery programmes,’ they offer an online support group programme, a video led learning course, partner support, and specific support groups for those from a faith background.  

    Age: 18+
    Cost: Free


    Up next: ReMojo...
  • ReMojo

    Remojo is a new youth-friendly app for male-identifying young people that offers filters, audio learning tracks, porn literacy info, daily tracking, online forums, and device management. ReMojo has an anti-porn focus, which may not be appropriate/helpful for some users.  

    Age: 18+
    Cost: Plans from $3-5 monthly, free trial available and cancel anytime.



    Up next: SafeSurfer...
  • SafeSurfer

    SafeSurfer is a NZ based app you can use to block porn on your phone, tablet, or Wi-Fi. It runs silently in the background and blocks content on all major browsers.

    Google Play

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Apps and Filters are like putting a fence up. Sure, you might be able get past them, but they’ll give you a breather – and help you stop and think.

Change topics?


Is it just me?

No 😊 – In a recent NZ study, 42% of young people who regularly watch porn wanted to watch less but found it hard not to(27). A Swedish study with young people showed similar results(28). Habits are super easy to fall into and harder to get out of – check out this video that shows how easily habits can start.

So, if you’re feeling like you want to cut down on porn, but can’t, you’re not alone! Here’s the d-low on why this might be happening…

Porn’s buzz

When we’re watching porn and being turned on, it feels good (duh) so it’s normal to want to go back for more, especially when we feel low.

The more we use porn to destress, it tells our bodies that porn can help us, and we can end up creating a pattern where using porn becomes a regular comfort or way to de-stress. So, it makes sense if you find yourself struggling to stop watching porn 😕 – it can happen without even realising.

What’s Success?

Changing up porn habits is a process. Success is about taking one step at a time – like choosing to go for a run or call a mate when you feel stressed and want to jump into some porn.

It’s about putting one foot in front of the other, taking it day by day, and being brave.

“It’s hard to admit you have a porn problem or to even say that it’s involved in your life… Admitting is the first step, so I think finding a way to be able to talk about it normally or subtly is a goal worth achieving.”
Anon youth, TLP Survey 2020

Porn,your brain and your sex life

It’s not new that sex and watching porn can cause our brains to fire out hormones causing a ‘rush’. For some young people, they want to keep going back for the ‘rush’ – but can then struggle to stop. For others, with time, the rush can take longer and longer to happen, so they start needing more extreme types of porn to get turned on.

This can also impact real life sex, because some young people’s brains are so used to being turned on with porn, it can become harder (lol) to get turned on in real-life sex. 

“It’s hard to admit you have a porn problem or to even say that it’s involved in your life… Admitting is the first step, so I think finding a way to be able to talk about it normally or subtly is a goal worth achieving.”
Anon youth, TLP Survey 2020

The flow – what’s happening?

Scientists talk about ‘flow’ – when you’re so into what you’re doing, you lose track of time and nothing else matters… like when you game or surf and just wanna go on forever. This can happen while watching porn – especially when the flow ends in a great rush.

If we’re in the flow our brains are in the perfect zone for learning and developing new habits. This makes it super easy for us to develop patterns around our porn usage or sexual desires and expectations, without even realising it.

Culture, faith and shame

People from cultures or faiths where porn is a no-no can often experience more shame and guilt about their porn use than other young people, regardless of how much porn they watch.

They are also less likely to talk or reach out to people for help because of the shame surrounding porn. If this is you, it’s hard to go it alone – so find someone safe who can support you – like an older sibling, cousin or school counsellor.

Porn can make us feel good ‘in the moment’ – but can get tricky when it’s overused to de-stress and/or ends up creating patterns without us even realizing, that are hard to break.




Know how to cut down porn?

Tips from some young people who’ve struggled with porn, on what helped them cut down.

Lamar Odom Shares His Porn Story

Professional Athlete Lamar Odom shares why he’s given up porn.

Why I stopped watching porn

Great TEDx by Ran Gavrieli on how porn impacted his sex life and what he did about it.


This simple animated video shows how we can get stuck chasing certain feelings and end up feeling out of control.   

Professional Athlete Lamar Odom and Ran Gavrieli talk porn, their sex lives, and how it didn’t work out for them. Also a lol watching how a chicken nugget (aka us) can get into porn habits.



If you’re feeling anxious, down or overwhelmed, 1737 offers a free confidential call or text line with trained counsellors 24/7.

Text: 1737

Safe to Talk

If you’ve been affected by sexual harm or are worried about your own behaviour, Safe to Talk provide great 24/7 confidential non-judgmental support and advice with trained counsellors.

Anonymous online chat 24/7.
Freephone: 0800 044 334
Text: 4334
Website/online chat: www.safetotalk.nz
Email: [email protected]


24/7 free service designed just for youth. You can call or text to talk about big or small stuff.

Anonymous online chat 7-10pm.
Freephone: 0800 376 633
Text: 234

Suicide crisis helpline

Free 24/7 suicide crisis helpline with a specialist. If you need urgent help ring 111 and tell them your life is in danger.

Freephone: 0508 TAUTOKO


What’s up?

Whatsup helps young people with heaps of issues like dating, sex, porn, bullying or anxiety. Confidential online chat: 3 -10pm. Freephone counsellors 12-11pm weekdays and 3-11pm on weekends.

Freephone: 0800WHATSUP

It’s totally okay to struggle – it’s not okay to struggle alone